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Kicked of the game
12-Feb-2011, 10:27 PM
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Thread: Kicked of the game


My ghost host a game, I can or can't some times join. I DL the map (every game, with Ghost or not!!!) and kicked of the game by my bot.

Garena Host Bot v4.0 - powered by

[ GHOST 18:25]Starting game... please wait.
[ GHOST 18:25] creating game [[HasH]Capo]
[ Ghost 18:25] Error ! Garena.exe was not found in: c:\program files\garena\. Please configure correctly your Garena path in HostBot options.
[ Ghost 18:25] Country and level detection are disabled.
[ GAME: [HasH 18:25]Capo] attempting to bind to all available addresses
[ GAME: [HasH 18:25]Capo] listening on port 6114
[ STATSDOTA 18:25] using dota stats
[ GAME: [HasH 18:26]Capo] player [[HasH]Capo] joined the game
[ GAME: [HasH 18:26]Capo] map download started for player [[HasH]Capo]
[ GAME: [HasH 18:26]Capo] [HasH]Capo: 0 KB/s (0% )
[ GAME: [HasH 18:26]Capo] deleting player [[HasH]Capo]: has left the game voluntarily
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13-Feb-2011, 12:04 PM (This post was last modified: 13-Feb-2011 12:07 PM by hostbot1.)
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RE: Kicked of the game
ow.. i encounter that kind of problem to what you have to do is DL a 1.24e or what ever version you are using right now copy the 1.24e version and paste it on the warcraft folder itself!

after Downloading
Extract the 1.24e
open the folder that you have extracted
copy and then paste it on the warcraft folder itself.

easy way if you have a version switcher
just reswitch 1.24e version
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